Energise your spirit through the power of colour

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It seems like the days of wearing muted colours and blending into the crowd are officially over. Across the past few years, everyday fashion has become more daring and unique, and we have finally reached a peak where women and men are encouraged to express themselves and their beliefs through their clothing. As such, the years of muted greys and beige tones have been quickly replaced by bright colours and mismatched getups. 

More than just a source of self-expression, did you know that incorporating bright colours into your outfits, whether they be casual, eveningwear or even designer clothing, can energise the soul? 

Here's how: 


Certain Colours Invoke Certain Emotions 

Whether you believe it or not, all you have to do is look around at facilities, advertising and almost every aspect of your day-to-day life to realise that colour has a firm grip on our emotions. For example, red is associated with danger, especially when on the road. Just seeing a bright red stop sign naturally perks our sense of awareness and can force our minds to focus.

At a basic level, warm colours like red, yellow and orange usually motivate more powerful emotions, including love, anger and happiness. Opposingly, cool colours can invoke calmness, tranquillity and indifference. 

When the right combination of the two is used, like on my H is for HOT Pink Runched Crown Headband #1, you can achieve a perfect balance of emotions that fuel your wellbeing. 

Colour Can Help You Feel Good About Yourself

Based on our undertones, everyone has a colour or ground of colours that can take their look to the next level. Finding these colours can help put a bright smile on your face as you will have elements in your wardrobe that you know will bring out your gorgeous natural features. 

Warm skin tones typically look best in earthy tones, including coral, olive and honey. Cool skin tones usually suit colder colours, including blue, lavender and rose. And neutral skin tones work best with muted versions of colours, including medium blue, jade and red. 

If you're not sure which colour suits you best, doing some research can always help. But at the end of the day, finding a colour that you feel happy in is the key to fashion success. 

Remember, you can always start small with an accessory, such as a coloured designer headbandscrunchie or piece of jewellery

At Piggi International, I am passionate about creating handmade designer accessories that everyone can enjoy. I love giving vintage designer scarves a new lease on life and have a wide range of one-of-a-kind accessories on my site. Shop NOW to discover them all. 

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