Winter is coming. Are you ready for these upcoming winter fashion trends?

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It's nearly hard to believe that winter is only a few short weeks away. But low and behold, we Aussies are almost in June, which means we are going to be seeing fewer crop tops and more jumpers over the coming weeks. 

If you haven't already needed to run out and stock up on some warm clothes, chances are, you probably will be doing so very soon! If you want to look like one of the hottest on the street, it's best to check all of the upcoming trends before you head on your next shopping trip. 

To help, I've compiled some of my favourite trends which have started emerging. Check them out below. 


Brown is back 

For the longest time, the market was covered in colour. And don't get me wrong, I love a bright outfit as much as the next person! But it's been very refreshing to see one of my favourite colours making a comeback, especially after such a long time out of the spotlight. 

I've seen so many people wearing brown outfits, including brown pantsuits, to formal events. And let me tell you, it is 100% class. 

If you're unsure about adding more brown into your outfits, you can always start small with a simple singlet or pair of pants. You could even start with the accessories by adding my Classic LV Bunny Knot Scrunchie to your look, as its subtle brown tones won't overpower your love of colour. 

Checked looks are taking over 

Those beloved checked looks that we all fell in love with after watching Clueless have officially made a comeback. If you haven't already seen every blogger and influencer rocking them, you're sure to see these looks appear as the winter weather kicks in. 

You will most likely see these stunning designs represented on fashionable blazers and jackets. But, you may also catch some cute skirts, stockings and tops while embarking on your winter adventures. 

If you want something more elegant than a checked design while still staying on-trend, Hermès' Bolduc Au Carre will never let you down. I have some headbands and scrunchies made from this stunning design, including the very lovely H Is For Red HOT Classic Knot Headband.

Bonnets and Turbans are in

A more period style of headwear, it was difficult to believe that bonnets and turbans were making a comeback, but they have dominated winter fashion shows across the world. Great for keeping the ears and head warm while elongating the face, they are a beautiful and unique way to show off all of your features. 

Plus, with some fashionable options available, this old style of headwear has been completely transformed into a gorgeous modern look. 

If you aren't too keen on the old look that a bonnet creates, you can achieve the same elongated illusion with a beautiful classic knot headband from my range.


Passionate about creating hair accessories that exhibit the latest fashion trends, you will always find a unique, upcycled find at Piggi InternationalShop the range online to discover an accessory you can't live without. 


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