GG Floral Classic Knot Headband #2

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From a beautiful 100% Silk Designer Scarf, Piggi International has created the ultimate luxury: a completely one-of-a-kind headband.

Made from one of my favourite Gucci silk scarves this floral beauty is perfect across the seasons.

In my original classic centre knot style, she is so versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit!

She is lined in 100% mulberry silk fabric, she measures 6cm at the widest part and the inners are super stretchy and wont pinch or cause headaches.

NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER | Piggi accessories are created from 100% authentic secondhand scarves and is in no way associated with any of the aforementioned or depicted brands. All registered trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

Piggi International endeavours to preserve the beauty and heritage of these classic and scarves by up-cycling ones that are worn out from love. I cut around the obvious signs of wear and use as much of the scarf as possible. 

Sustainable packaging

All of my headband creations come in their own recyclable pillow box.


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