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      The Scarves I Source

      The scarves I source are pre-loved from collections around the world.  Each has a story to tell and while I avoid using pieces with obvious scars, small blemishes such as minute pulls are considered part of the beauty of owning a piece of artisan history.

      Why you need to own a piece of history...

      Apart from being extremely beautiful, I love that there is so much history and a story behind each and every one. 

      Each Hermès scarf can take up to 18 months to produce from design conception to the creation of hand etched screens and the colour selection, right down to the hand rolled and stitched edges. I try to, where ever possible incorporate this hand stitched hem into each and every scrunchie.  

      Where are the accessories made?

      I expertly handcraft each piece in Sydney, Australia. Every hair accessory is unique, depending on where it was cut from the scarf. All are limited editions. 

      I have created the perfect proportioned scrunchie to suit most hair types and ensure that all scrunchies have the essential 'snap back factor' - that satisfying stretch that enables our scrunchies to wrap around the hair firmly but not too tightly!

      Each one come with their very own 14k gold plated charm featuring the adorable Piggi International logo hand stitched into the seam. 

      My headbands all feature a plastic inner which is fairly flexible and not too tight to cause headaches! 

      Why is Silk Better for your Hair

      Once you have used silk you will be back for more.  Softer and gentler on your hair, Piggi scrunchies avoid the pulling and splitting that traditional hairbands inflict.  Silk doesn't strip the natural oils in your hair and helps to maintain your shiny locks!

      Vintage Hermes Scarf Scrunchie Bolduc au Carre by Piggi International

      Will you do a custom order?

      I am more than happy to try and fill bespoke orders if I can. Just let me know what you are after and I can try to fill your request.

      Please email me at