How to make a statement with a designer headband

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With self-expression and self-acceptance now a big focus for many brands, clothes and accessories have become a way to make a statement and show people who you truly are. 

Unfortunately, there are still some settings where we have to dress to an expectation, such as in an office or at smart casual events. These can place a damper on our ability to self-express our love of various genres of clothing. 

But there is a bright side. Headbands are one of the most powerful ways to add a subtle touch of your essence to an outfit while staying on theme. Here are some ways to make a statement with your designer headband without breaking the dress code.  

Add them to a dull outfit to show your love of colour 

Office attire is very centralised around neutral colours and can often feel very dull for someone who loves wearing bright, bold and energetic clothing. Some of the designer silk scarves and ties I upcycle my headbands from come in sophisticated yet bright prints. This makes them perfect for adding to an outfit to help you remain professional while showing your true love of everything colourful. 


Wear them to add new life to an outfit 

While I love shopping for clothes, I also love re-wearing my favourite outfits. Rather than shopping for new clothes whenever I have a formal event, I enjoy mixing and matching statement accessories to change my look. 

Some of my headbands and accessories are large and know how to steal the spotlight. By adding depth to the head, they can accentuate your features in all the right places and draw attention to your face. But more than that, they can also reshape the way your outfit looks and help you get in as many re-wears as possible. 

They are especially good for those outfits that earn you plenty of compliments. 

Use headbands to create a unique hairstyle 

Something as simple as changing your hairstyle can help you turn heads. Whether you're at work, studying, attending an event or just hanging out with your favourite people, wearing a headband can help you show off your beautiful features and impact those around you. 

They are also perfect for supporting a unique updo as they can keep fly-aways out of your face to help everything stay neat. 

If you prefer to wear your hair up, you can pair my designer headbands with one of my hand-made scrunchies


At Piggi International, I am passionate about sourcing some of the rarest designer silk scarves and ties available on the market to create timeless headbands and hair accessories. I am always updating my range with new products, so make sure you check out my shop. 


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