How to Spot a Fake Hermès Scarf

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If you’re a collector of iconic accessories like us, or you’re just starting your journey into the world of vintage clothing, you will already be well acquainted with the delicate works of Hermès. 

With his first scarf created in 1937 and a continued legacy that has transcended generations, the Hermès brand has continued to skyrocket in value, with their scarves being a staple piece in any fashionista’s wardrobe. 

Though, with the rise of the brand’s value also came the rise of copycat artists. These vendors have endeavoured to sell fake variations of Hermès products for a profit and can leave collectors feeling incredibly deceived and disappointed. When you’re on your next search for a vintage designer scarf, here are some things you can look out for to ensure that you find the real deal: 

Fabric choice 

To live up to their standard of high quality, Hermès scarves use 100% silk that is loomed in-house. While this may incorporate wool, cashmere or silk, the scarves are never made with polyester as this material is known to deform over time. 

A distinct way to tell the difference is simply by feeling the fabric. A counterfeit uses polyester & will generally feel very smooth, shiny & flat, whereas the real deal always has a twill texture which is fairly matt. If you look closely at a genuine scarf, you will notice its small lines due to the looming process. If you have found a newer scarf (from 2000 onwards), you may also notice a crisp, yet smooth texture. 

Upclose of Hermes Scarf Silk Twill Texture

Note the diagonal twill texture and the fabric is not overly shiny, in fact it is fairly matt.

Signed off with a signature 

Hermès was heavily influenced by art, and he took a lot of his design ideas and inspiration from the modern and historical art that he valued. Most Hermès scarves, especially those made from 1980 onwards, will feature the artists signature on their print as well as the copyright logo. But look carefully, sometimes these are very well hidden in the print. 

fake versus real hermes copyright symbol

Can you spot the fake copyright symbol in the above images? Yep the image in the centre is the fake.  You can see the print of the Hermès is not neat and perfectly formed like the other two examples.

Rolled hem 

Perhaps the most distinguishable feature of a Hermès scarf is its rolled hem. No matter how old or new the scarf you find may be, all of the hems of Hermès scarves are hand-rolled towards the face of the scarf (the more vibrant side). Not only this, but the colour of the thread that is used for the hem will always match the main colour of the scarf. 

hermes rolled hem close up

A perfectly aligned print 

Another big giveaway that the scarf you’ve found is not genuine is a misalignment between the outline of the image and the coloured pattern. Hermès utilised a strict quality control process to ensure that the print is always neat and that all colours are in the right spot. You’ll also notice that on a genuine scarf, the print on the front will always perfectly match that on the back.

At Piggi International, we take pride in ensuring that all of the scarves we source for our products are authentic and high-quality. We pay careful attention when upcycling these products to not disrupt their condition so we can show off their beautiful, luxurious designs. 

Shop our range today to discover a perfect gift for a special someone, a wonderful way to accessorise your favourite outfit or even a beautiful, unique item to decorate your home with. 

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