Pair your Piggi Designer Headband with these 2022 Trending Hairstyles

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Each year on the fashion radar, new clothing, looks, and colours take centre stage. This is the same for hairstyles. Some years, it's all about wearing your hair down, and in others, it's all about using colourful hair dyes to stand out. 

With just three months left in the year, you must make the most out of these trends before new ones appear. If you have already changed your hair a few times or are unsure of which styles will suit you, keep reading. I have compiled some of my favourites below. As a bonus, all the trending 2022 styles I have chosen can be paired with your favourite designer headband.


Dressed Up Ponytails

As worn by the gorgeous Winnie Harlow in this stunning shot, a dressed-up ponytail can turn any look into a chic one. Though it looks super formal, this hairstyle is just like a regular high ponytail. It just requires some extra attention to the smoothness of the hair on the scalp and a little embezzlement. Winnie decorated this ponytail with a strand of her hair to cover the elastic. But, you can always use your favourite Piggi Designer Scrunchie to achieve an equally formal look. 

If you're struggling to achieve that same flawless smoothness, you can also slick your hair back using a Piggi Alice Headband, such as my Dior Burgundy Oblique Trotter Padded Alice Headband.

A modern, curly shag 

Curls are officially back again this year, and it's no secret why. A perm or some natural curls can add so much volume to your face. They can help accentuate all of your features without constantly needing to add excess accessories to your look. 

This gorgeous shag, as worn by Alanna Arrington, proves that a little curl goes a long way. If you're not a fan of curls, you can also wear a shag haircut with straight hair. Plus, a shag is great for hairstyles of all lengths and colours, meaning this diverse and stylish cut looks great on almost anyone. 

If you adore your shag haircut but want to change it up a little, you can add a larger Piggi Headband, like my Side Bow Button Headband made from Hermès Mors et Gourmettes Vichy. This headband will stand out against your voluminous haircut and can add even more glory to your stunning features. 


Centre Parts 

Funnily enough, the centre part trend started on TikTok with Millennials and Gen Z's battling it out over the most attractive hairstyle. Centre parts are fantastic for complimenting the symmetry of your face shape and elevating your natural beauty. They are a great way to show how truly gorgeous you are without doing much except running a brush through your hair. 

If you are still phasing into this centre part crazy, you can always make it seem less obvious or protruding by styling it with a beautiful Piggi Headband. I recommend a unique design, like my Single Side Bow Headband made from Hermès Duo Cosmique. This is because the side bow can still bring about some asymmetry, which you are probably more used to adorn. 


If you are looking for new designer accessories, I release them almost every week. So, make sure you keep an eye on my website to be the first to snatch up a new Piggi International find. 


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