Big Bows are Back In Fashion

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There are some clothes I don't think will ever go out of fashion, like a trusty designer headband or a good pair of jeans. But then, others come and go as new trends emerge and old ones fade out. If you are all about being in style, you surely already know that big, statement headpieces are on trend again in the designer fashion world. 

If you follow Piggi International online or via social media frequently, you would also notice that in preparation for a spring filled with big bows, large headwear and extravagant accessories, I have released an abundance of new designs. Using designer fabrics with some of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen, has diversified my range and allowed me to create something new for you all to enjoy. 

If you don't fancy wearing fluffy dresses with big bowed designs on the front like we are currently seeing on the runway. My recent releases are a great way for you to stay on trend without sacrificing comfort. 

Some of my favourite recent releases include: 

Liberty London Silk Single Bow Headband in Meadow Song

For all my Australian supporters, the spring season is fast approaching. And with spring comes floral dresses, accessories and patterns aplenty. I have been a long-time lover of the limited-edition Liberty London fabrics. Their gorgeous designs are always on trend and know how to make a statement without being overly excessive. 

This gorgeous handmade designer bow headband is perfect for pairing with a pastel sundress or your favourite t-shirt. It brings a promise of warmer days, blooming flowers and beautiful, sunny scenery. 

Plus, this headband is perfect for any lovely lady looking for a designer look on a budget as it only costs a fraction of the price of my more exclusive designer headbands

Dior Burgundy Oblique Trotter Fascinator Bow Headband

50% fun and 50% sophisticated, this beautiful bow headband is ideal for a businesswoman who wants to incorporate some quirky elements into her day. It's perfect for holding all of your hair in place while you buckle down on some big business deals. But, when it's time to settle down or head on to your lunch break, it can show that you love to have a laugh and a good time. 

With a beautiful Dior pattern, this Australian-made designer headband will also show that you are a lady of only the most refined taste. It's great for making outstanding first impressions; which are essential in the business world. 


Hermès Red Anchor Men's Tie Double Bow Headband

If you're a lover of the ocean, this nautical-themed double bow headband is perfect for you. Fashioned from a designer Hermès men's tie, this gorgeous headband features miniature anchors all around. It's great for wearing when you're heading on your Sunday stroll or a lunch date with the girls. 

If you love pairing your accessories with the occasion, you can also wear this beauty on a cruise. 

At Piggi International, I specialise in creating designer accessories, including designer scrunchies, from upcycled vintage scarves. I'm also constantly updating my website with new products, so make sure you check back to secure some new styles. 

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