What coloured designer accessories best suit your skin tone?

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Everyone is unique. Everyone also has a different body shape, skin tone and fashion preferences. No two lovely ladies or men will ever dress the complete same, but there are certain things we can all consider, with respect to our body, to help accentuate our looks. 

One of the most important of these is our colour choices when picking outfits and accessories to rock the streets. But, if you don't know what undertone your skin is or what colour suits you best, you may struggle to find clothing and accessories that complement you. 

To help, I've put together this little guide. Use this when picking your next Piggi designer accessory to ensure you get the most out of it. 


First, you need to know the tone of your skin tone

Though it initially seems complicated to work out, determining what undertones you have is actually incredibly easy. Before long, you will be talking like a fashion designer. 

All you need is a white piece of paper and yourself. Simply wash your face so it's free of dirt. Then, wait 10-15 minutes until all redness subsides. From there, you just have to stand in a bright room in front of a mirror. Hold the paper next to your face and examine how you look. 

If you notice a green, yellow or brown colour, you have warm undertones. If you have pink, blue or rosy colours, your undertones are cool. Lastly, if you find you look greyish, your undertones are neutral. 

What colours will suit you best? 

Before diving into this section. I want to remind everyone that you should wear what you feel most comfortable in. Whether it's a cosy sweater or a Piggi designer headband, feeling your best is more important than getting the colour theory right. This is merely a guide for those interested in learning more. 

On that note, colour theory suggests that those with warmer skin tones will suit warm colours better. Honey, orange, gold, and warm greens and blues can help your features stand out beautifully. They're great for promoting a natural glow. Items like my Icons of H Ribbons Charm Bracelet can complement your skin tone and help add energy to your outfit. 

Those with cooler skin colours typically suit deeper shades, such as royal blue, lilac and emerald green. But light warm colours, such as pink, can also elevate their features. If you want to get more summery tones into your outfit, my Centre Knot Headband, made from Hermès Mors et Gourmettes Vichy #1, is a great go-to. 

Last but certainly not least, neutral skin tones sit in the middle of these two spectrums. They suit mild colours from both warm and skin tones. Wearing beige, brown, grey and off-white are also gorgeous ways to liven up your look. 

At Piggi International, I am passionate about creating designer accessories to suit every skin tone. Make sure you check my website frequently to discover more incredible, new designer products. 



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