What your favourite designer brand says about you

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Some brands spend years perfecting their image. Through carefully crafted marketing, they will do everything to make sure reach the right customers. As a result of a successful implementation of this marketing, brands will typically attract customers who live and breathe their values. 

Though you may not realise it, when you purchase clothing, you are likely attracted to brands that align with your personality type or perceived sense of self. These clothes and brands are so powerful that they can even influence the first impression we make on others. 

Here's what your favourite designer items may be saying about you: 



Lovers of Chanel are chic, elegant and leaders. They are independent and prefer to pave their own path through life. When Chanel lovers have a goal in mind, they will do everything to achieve it. They consider challenges a chance to grow. They always work to find the positive in every situation. 

When they put on their favourite Chanel piece, like my CC Camellia Ivory Centre Knot Headband, they feel unstoppable. 


A lover of Gucci values structure and organisation. Everything in her home has a place, and she is happiest when things are neat and tidy. She loves spoiling herself and can't wait for new designer accessories to drop. 

During the week, she loves sticking to her schedule. Organisation helps her get through every challenge. But, when the weekend rolls around, she isn't scared to let her hair down and have some fun. No matter where she is, you can find her wearing a beautiful Gucci accessory, like my The Great House of G Padded Alice Headband #3.



Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for Hermes. Lovers of Hermes are fans of timeless, luxury fashion. They appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy spoiling themselves whenever they get the chance. 

These ladies are always busy and love keeping themselves moving. When the day's work is done, you can still find them completing chores to ensure everything is nothing short of perfect. No matter where she is, she always incorporates some Hermès into her outfit. 

My personal favourite is adding a Hermès headband, like my new Hermès Red Anchor Men's Tie Double Bow Headband 

At Piggi International, I am passionate about helping every lover of designer fashion find an accessory that perfectly complements her attitude. I am constantly dropping new headbands and accessories made from authentic designer scarves and ties. Make sure you check my shop to discover my latest releases. 


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