Caring for your Piggi International Scrunchie

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If you have purchased a Piggi designer scrunchie before or are thinking about doing so shortly, you may be worried about what you can do to make sure you maximise the wear of your designer accessory. Though many online scrunchie tips will tell you to place your scrunchies in the washing machine and dryer with your other clothes, this can impact the integrity of your accessory. 

Whether you are looking for tips to maximise the life of your scrunchie, clean your scrunchie or keep it looking brand new, I am here to help. Here are some things you can do to ensure that your beautiful accessory always looks fantastic. 

Never add it to wet hair 

I know all too well the feeling of madly dashing out of the home without drying my hair. I am particularly guilty of it in the summer, knowing that the Sydney humidity and heat will handle my hair care, especially when I have a long agenda to take care of. 

As much as you may feel inclined to tie your wet hair up with one of my scrunchies, I recommend you wait until it is completely dry. The water and any hair product you have used can dirty the scrunchie and cause the fabric to become weak. If you consistently wear it on wet hair, you may even find it begins to stain. 

This rule is the same for my headbands, as water and wet hair products can ruin the quality of the product. 


Don't overstretch the scrunchie

Like all scrunchies, the Piggi International range is made with elastic to ensure that it can hold your hair in place. Though you may prefer a tight ponytail, I recommend wearing the scrunchie loosely to prevent it from overstretching and weakening over time. If you want to wear a high, tight ponytail, you can always tie this up with a regular hair-tie, then use my designer scrunchie to decorate your look. 

Wash in cold water only

If you need to wash your scrunchie, I recommend following silk-scarf cleaning guidelines, rather than scrunchie-care resources. These guidelines are specifically written to ensure the integrity of the silk is maintained. 

Designer brands will recommend that you don't wash their silk scarves. However, this resource provides valuable tips regarding how you can care for these silk products in the event they do need a wash. 

Despite how successful your washing experience may be, I advise that you only do so when the scrunchie is visibly soiled as consistent washing can cause the product to fade and become weaker. 


At Piggi International, I am always creating new scrunchies for you to shop. If you are looking for your first or next designer accessory, you can find it on my site.

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