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Believe it or not, we are almost already one third into 2022. And while the year has flown by, plenty has already happened, especially in the fashion world. 

In these first few months of the year, our fashion trends start to settle in. It makes it a perfect time to watch the streets and get a great idea of what HOT accessories we are all rocking.

Over the past few months, I've seen some awesome accessory trends emerge on the streets, and I'm so glad to see some designs making a comeback. Some of the fantastic trends that I've personally noticed include: 

The return of gold earrings 

While gold hoops or gold sleepers never quite disappeared from the world, with the emergence of rose gold and costume jewellery trends, it was rare to catch someone wearing gold statement earrings. With monochromes coming back in fashion, many people are now opting for stunning gold jewellery as a way to brighten up their looks. 

Available in a range of designs, like my Butterfly Papillion Earrings, they can add a personal touch to any outfit. 

Chunky Bracelets 

We saw retro outfits and styles begin to make a comeback at the end of 2021, and this trend has only continued to grow more and more in popularity over time. With crochet styles rocking the streets and clogs making a comeback already, it's no surprise that chunky bangles and bracelets have also made a reappearance. 

Styles like my Ava Green Acrylic Green Bracelet not only liven up any outfit, but they can add that touch of bling and sparkle that every lady needs to feel her best. 

Layered Necklaces 

If the winter puffer jackets weren't enough to prove it, adding depth to outfits is officially in. If you're looking to create a multi-dimensional, chic look before the winter weather kicks in, layering necklaces is a great way to do so. 

The biggest trend of all at the moment is to layer chunky chain necklaces. But if you prefer something thinner or lighter, you can layer just about any necklace. For example, my Bella Summer Garden Jewel Necklace is ideal for pairing with a choker chain to add some more intensity to your outfit. 


Regardless of what types of accessories you are looking for, I have a beautiful, designer range online at Piggi International. If jewellery isn't really your thing, you can also discover some designer headbands and scrunchies on my website.

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