4 Reasons Why Scrunchies Are A Girl's Best Friend

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Scrunchies made a comeback a few years ago. And while many people thought they would be out of style as quickly as they came back, they have proven to stick around for years and years.

Though, it's no secret as to why. These versatile hair accessories can be worn so many different ways and have the power to add so much to an outfit. Not only this, but they are so much more colourful than regular hair ties and can often completely transform how your favourite outfit looks. 

So much more than a colourful accessory, there are many other reasons why our beloved scrunchies have proven to empower any woman. 

Just some of these fantastic benefits include: 


Adding depth to the face 

Every lady wants to show off her best features. By adding texture to your outfit, you will create a distinct separation between your clothing and your features. Now there's no need to worry! This separation won't confuse anyone. It simply works by sectioning off your face and pulling out your desirable features, including the eyes, cheekbones, lips and eyebrows.

This allows your outfit to complement your beautiful features, rather than overpower them, and helps everything work in harmony to have you feeling your best. 

They love your hair 

Hair elastics that are too thin or contain metal sections can damage your hair. If you're someone who dyes your hair frequently, these hair ties can lead to more breakage and frizziness, which can be hard to tame. 

Hair scrunchies, particularly the ones I make at Piggi, are made from soft, silk materials and are gentle on the hair. They can naturally glide along your strands and don't sit too tightly on your hair, meaning they are less likely to cause irreversible damage. 

As a bonus, their soft texture is also perfect for avoiding hair kinks, which can be difficult to flatten out. 


Because updos are in fashion 

For the longest time, wearing your hair out was a MUST. It was the peak of the fashion world, and every celebrity was doing it. But, as time passes, more and more of Hollywood's hottest are getting accustomed to wearing their hair up. 

Even so, many designers love incorporating high ponytail looks on their runways to accentuate their model's face and tie their entire look together. With buns, ponytails and pigtails reclaiming the fashion world as retro looks come back into style, having an abundance of hair scrunchies at your avail will ensure that you have the perfect one for every outfit. 

Dress them up or dress them down 

Scrunchies are perfect for getting your hair out of your face, especially if you have thick hair and need something to keep it at bay. But more than just a tool to hold a messy bun, they are great for dressing up and adding to any outfit. 

From formalwear to picnic attire, matching your scrunchie to your outfit can help you do your hair up in style. As a simple tip, I prefer to use patterned scrunchies for a day out of semi-formal attire. I then leave sleek, monochrome scrunchies aside for formalwear and fancy-dress nights. 


At Piggi International, I am passionate about turning some of the most beautiful designer scarves and ties into gorgeous hair accessories. If you are looking for a designer scrunchie or even a fashionable designer headband, I am sure to have it available online. Shop my range today. 

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