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While designer clothing has been a must-have for many for decades upon decades, designer furniture has only started growing in popularity with the increase of modern housing across the country. While many may find that they can purchase low-cost furniture and homewares at department stores, there are many benefits to spending the extra few dollars on some upper-class, luxurious furniture.

Some of these include: 


Making an impression 

For many, a home is an extension of their personality. It is a way to show others the person you are and the type of energy that you bring to the table. In this, having a refined and classy aura to your home can show others that you are a person who appreciates the finer things in life. 

If you are someone who frequently hosts house parties or gatherings, it is also a wonderful way to impress those you may not be as acquainted with, including work colleagues. 

Bringing your space together 

Every room needs a focal point or key feature. For some rooms, this could be consistent with the artwork that decorates the home. And for others, this may be created through the cushions that tie the room together. 

Rather than decorating completely with designer furniture, you can use a few design elements as the focal point in your room to avert the eye line. This will add a touch of your essence to your home without becoming overpowering. 


They show your attention to detail

Incorporating luxury pieces into a home will show others how much you care about the small stuff. Rather than showing that you value simplicity as most modern homes do, it demonstrates that you care deeply about every single element of your home. Just as luxury designs and elements work to represent your passion for class, this can translate your extreme eye for care and details to others. 

But, this translation doesn't only occur on a home scope. It can also represent that you are caring and detail-focused to those in your life. It is a unique way to show that you want to look after everyone, including your family and friends. 

It helps to build your dream home 

Everyone has a vision of what they want their home to be. Whether it's a vision of the elements you want to include or the colours you want to incorporate, I haven't met someone who hasn't had a dream about their future abode. 

If you are looking for intricate, timeless designs that can last a lifetime, you will find them across designer branded furniture. This is because many of the accessories and patterns they launch are rare and limited in stock, meaning they hold their worth well. 


At Piggi International, I am passionate about transforming old designer scarves into a range of accessories. One of my favourite projects is transforming these designs into throw pillows and cushions. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece to light up your home, you'll find one online


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