Do Sleep Masks Actually Help You Sleep Better?

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Sleep masks are not a thing of the future. In fact, they have been around for almost 100 years, with the first coming to life in 1930 with the promise that they would make sleeping better. And let's face it, while we would all like to say that we sleep easy every night, some of us struggle to fall into a deep sleep, sometimes causing us to toss and turn for hours on end. 

I know people who have tried everything. From spraying lavender on their pillow to counting sheep and even taking sleeping pills. So what is it about these sleep masks that can simply do the trick? 

Well, here are just some reasons they are renowned for helping people get some better shut-eye: 


They Block Out The Light 

Everyone's body has a circadian rhythm. And as complicated as it initially sounds, it's super easy to understand. Before the era of light, people worked during the day and slept through the night. While this is the main pattern that we still follow, many of us are still up after dark either watching TV, having a late dinner or just scrolling through the abyss of social media.

While our circadian rhythm is meant to work by making us feel tired at night, with the presence of more and more light in the home, it can become confusing. Wearing an eye mask can help block out any external light, whether it be from a partner's phone screen, outdoor light or the sunrise. This, in turn, helps us put our body in a better flow and fall to sleep much quicker. 

They Prevent Dry Eyes 

Have you ever woken up after finally falling asleep to find that your eyes are dry and irritated? Whether you sleep with the fan on, the window open or with pets, many factors can contribute to dry eyes. If you find that this feeling stops you from falling back to sleep, a sleep mask can help prevent it altogether. 

Made to protect your eyes from the elements, it is a great tool for someone looking to keep their eyes lubricated without the need for excessive eye drops in the middle of the night. 

Great For Light Sleepers 

Some people wake very easily and are instantly alert after being woken. Sleep eye masks can help you avoid being woken in the night by an unexpected source. This could include: 

  • The bathroom light is turned on
  • A car drives past your window
  • A flickering street light. 


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