What Makes Gucci Such a Stand Out Brand?

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We've seen some crazy changes in the market lately, where many people are opting for recycled fashion or old vintage looks over brand new designer collections. Yet, despite this shift throughout the Millennial and Gen Z populations, it seems so many people still can't get enough of the Gucci brand and the power it holds over them. 

From young people to older ones, it seems everyone can identify those unique colours from over a mile away. And it's no surprise to be seeing people of all ages still adorning this brand's trademark logo. Whether it be on a brand new bag or a t-shirt found at an op-shop, people adore this iconic brand. 

But what makes it so special? 

Well, here are just some of the incredible features and benefits offered by Gucci: 


Unmatched attention to quality manufacturing 

While some brands can compete with Gucci on a price basis, not all can compete on a quality basis. With unmatched attention to detail and only the best quality assurance processes; Gucci is all about providing the finest clothing, materials and accessories to its customers. 

They consistently boast about their detailed manufacturing process and the level of end-to-end care they show to every garment they produce. When you buy it off the rack, you can rest easy you will have it for years and years of wear. 

They are a symbol of wealth 

The clothing we wear is one of the easiest ways to show our prestige or self-image. For example, more rugged clothes can give off the energy that a person cares less about their appearance, whereas colourful dresses can show someone's girly side. Gucci has established its brand image in the market as one of wealth and high value. 

Wearing their clothes is a statement. It can show others that you appreciate the finer things in life, have worked hard to grow your funds and have a great sense of taste. It is a statement of who you are as a person and who you want to continue to be. 


Their rich history makes them instantly recognisable 

As mentioned, it's hard to find an individual who doesn't see the Gucci colours and recognises the brand. Whether it's on one of my upcycled headbands or one of their fashionable t-shirts, the brand's long-standing history has made them instantly recognisable across multiple generations and demographics of individuals. 

For someone spending high values of money on an article of clothing or an accessory, it can provide gratification when others recognise it on their person. Choosing Gucci means many people will quickly know that you have a sense of style and taste for upper-class designs. 

At Piggi International, I am passionate about breathing life back into designer clothing. I enjoy sourcing vintage designer scarves, ties and other accessories that I can then transform into a range of headbands, scrunchies and cushions. If you are looking for a luxurious, unique but recognisable accessory, you are sure to find it in my shop


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