The History of the Headband

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We've seen a big growth in the popularity of headbands over the past few years. But, headbands aren't new to the market at all. They have been staple accessories for hundreds upon hundreds of years. The only thing that has changed in this time is the types of headbands in high demand and how they are styled. 

So, how far back do our beloved headbands date? Keep reading to find out: 


Ancient Greece

While they look much different to our modern headbands, those depicted in ancient Greek mythology are often made from olive tranches and twigs. Though they look very different, they served the same purpose as they do today by working to keep the hair out of the face while going about day-to-day duties. 

While we can't say for sure that the Ancient Grecians were the pioneers of the headband and other hair accessories, such as scrunchies, the imagery demonstrates that this fashionable headwear has been around for much longer than we initially thought. 

As well as Greek mythology, headbands have been represented through medieval history in the form of jewelled diadems. 

The World Wars

Jumping forward through history; headbands became popular for women to wear during the world wars. As more and more women rolled up their sleeves and joined the home front, they needed to wear clothing that would help them work efficiently. 

Also responsible for modernising pants, the wars revitalised the popularity of the headband, as many women wore coloured bandanas or similar designs around their heads to prevent sweat and keep their hair away from heavy machinery. 


The 50s - 70s 

After the wars, headbands became a popular fashion item and were known for their power to accentuate the face. They were made incredibly popular by figureheads including Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, making them an item that every woman wanted in her wardrobe. 

As the 70s rolled around, these headbands became a statement piece for hippies and free spirits alike, who wanted to let their hair loose. By this time, it had become clear that a different style or slight variation in how a headband looked could completely change how an outfit looked. 

The Modern Headband 

It's no surprise to see that the headband is still in fashion. After all, they have supported women in creating powerful outfits for years. As of now, there are so many different headbands available for people to coordinate with their favourite clothes. Just some that you can find on my website include the Alice Headband (popularised by C.S Lewis), the Classic Knot Headband and the Twist Knot Headband. 

If you're looking for a designer headband, my range is upcycled from designer vintage scarves, ties and accessories. They are often one-of-a-kind as well, meaning that you will be the only owner in the world. Discover them on Piggi International TODAY.

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