Headbands and Formalwear - A Match Made in Heaven

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When most people think of wearing a headband, they commonly assume that they are only great for casualwear. And while this is true for simply plastic or cloth headbands that you commonly find at jewellery stores, this isn't correct for the boutique headbands you can find from online sellers like myself. 

Having worked carefully to master the art of creating gorgeously elegant designs that suit every occasion, designers like myself take pride in our ability to provide accessories that pair perfectly with a range of diverse outfits and looks. For many, it's just learning how to pair them with these formal, more dressy outfits to create a finished and harmonious look. 

That's why I'm here to help. 

When you're looking to incorporate a headband into a more formal outfit, here are some styling tips to consider: 


Complement the colour of your outfit 

While fashion has become more daring, a typical formal look is elegant, sleek and easy on the eyes. It can create a 'wow' factor without using an excessive amount of colours or clashing prints. Working to match your headband to the colour of your dress, pantsuit, jumpsuit, or outfit can help create that pop that you need. 

Sticking to a headband that contains fewer colours, like my H in the Boardroom Alice Headband is the way to go when you are first adjusting to adding a headband to a formal look. As you get more and more confident adding this accessory to your outfit, you can get more daring and play with more energetic styles. 

Wear minimal accessories when wearing a headband 

Naturally, a headband is an eye-catching accessory, especially if it is a runched style headband. Pairing too many other accessories with this look can quickly dress down your outfit as it will distract the eye line and cause disarray between each individual element.  

If you must wear some other accessories, wearing a pair of earrings or a bracelet is best as these aren't as distracting as a necklace. Remember, your outfit is the main element, and your accessories are there to accentuate it. Despite popular belief, less is more, and a simple headband can be enough to complete your look. 


When in doubt, wear your hair up 

Many people regularly wear their hair down or in a messy ponytail, so getting your hair done in a beautiful updo is one of the easiest ways to add an extra touch of formality to your outfit. Adding a headband, like one of my Alice Headbands to your look can elongate your face and divert the eye line. 

If you aren't someone who frequently wears hair accessories, this can revolutionise how you look. Just like changing your makeup, these small changes can show the effort that went into a look and can immediately showcase that you are dressing to look your best. 

At Piggi International, I have a range of headbands that you can pair with all outfits. If headbands aren't your thing or you already have too many to count, I also have a range of scrunchies that you can discover and enjoy for yourself. Shop them online today. 


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