How to wear your favourite headband, even when at the office

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Sometimes, all you want to do is slick your hair back without tying it up. While this is a reality for women with thin hair, my thick-haired girls will know about the impossibility of keeping everything in place. When you want to wear your hair down but also want it out of your face, there's no better accessory than a trusty headband. 

Although the lines between professional wear and casual wear have continued to blur, it can be hard to decide whether a headband is too casual to wear on a day in the office. But, unsurprisingly, if you style it right, a headband can even dress up your office wear and help you appear more classy. 

Some ways you can incorporate a headband into your office attire include: 

Wear Fewer Accessories 

A headband is a big statement piece, and like all accessories, it has the power to add a formal or casual touch to any outfit. Pairing your headband with big earrings or a bright necklace may be perfect for a weekend look, but it can significantly dress down your office wear and create dissonance across your outfit. 

If you want to include plenty of jewellery in your look, keeping it simple is the way to go, as it won't detract from the professionalism of your outfit. 


Choose A Headband With A Simple Design 

Across Piggi International, I have a range of different headbands. Some are bright, bold and know how to make a statement, while others are simple and feminine. Sticking to these simpler designs is a great way to incorporate some girliness into your professional outfit while not distracting attention from your office attire. 

These simpler designs will also complement the checked office designs that are so in style at the moment, meaning you won't need to revamp your wardrobe to revolutionise your work style. 

Stick To A More Subtle Style 

Wearing headbands to work, especially in offices with a stricter dress code, is still an incredibly new idea for many business owners. As such, you should introduce this look into your office simply and subtly. 

For the first few times you choose to rock this look at work, you should incorporate it with muted colours, such as greys, blush, navy blues and beige. Doing so will help you stick closely to the traditional office style, while also showcasing your own unique style. 


At Piggi International, I have headbands, scrunchies and accessories to suit all occasions. If you're looking to change up your look or find a trendy, designer accessory, look no further than my shop


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