How did Coco Chanel change the world?

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In the fashion industry, we are always talking about the uniquely revolutionary styles of Coco Chanel. Amongst the numerous designer brands on the market, Chanel is known to be daring, bold and influential. But more than that, they are known as a brand that can truly help women alike find their inner power and voice. 

So, how did this once no-name brand come to rule the world? 

Well, here are some of my favourite facts about the history of this iconic brand: 


The Introduction of Trousers For Women 

While I love wearing a good skirt or dress, there is nothing better than the utter strength that comes from a flattering pair of pants. During World War II, it was common for women to wear pants when taking on the jobs typically reserved for men. But, the style officially took off when Chanel chose to wear a pair of sailors pants to the beach to cover up and protect her skin. 

This iconic move won the hearts of many women, and within months, it was common for every reformist woman to have a pair of pants in her wardrobe. 

The Colour Black 

Believe it or not, the colour black was once only suitable for funerals and widows. All everyday and formal outfits were commonly crafted from bright, colourful fabrics of red, green and electric blue. After Chanel commented that the colours were impossible and made her feel ill, she was soon sketched in Vogue wearing a knee-length black dress. 

Its flattering design was soon adopted by many women and became known for its slimming qualities. It wasn't long before every woman owned something black. 


The Birth Of Costume Jewellery 

Chanel was not the first designer to incorporate costume jewellery into her look, but she was the most influential. All starting when she introduced fake pearls and gemstones into her wardrobe, women all around the world began discovering the extravagant impact that a glistening statement piece could have on an outfit. 

Like all her looks, this one certainly took the world by storm, but for a different reason. Many women agreed with Chanel who said 'she would rather have a mass of low-cost costume jewellery, rather than a handful of expensive pieces.' 

At Piggi International, I absolutely adore the monumental impacts that Chanel's fashion movement continues to have on the world. Her legacy has reformed the world of fashion on numerous occasions and will continue to for decades to come. I always try to get my hands on some unique Chanel pieces to create headbandsscrunchies and more. Check them out in my shop TODAY! 

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