Every lady needs some texture in her wardrobe

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While we all love a pop of colour and adding some exciting new patterns to our wardrobe, not as many would think to play with various textures. But, did you know that texture can have a monumental impact on the look and feel of your outfit? 

Simply swapping out a cotton shirt for velvet, silk, wool, or another fabric with a different visual appeal can help break your outfit up and draw attention to all the right places. And this is the same for the accessories you choose to wear as they can completely divert the eye line and bring an entirely new feel to your favourite looks. 

With an extraordinary range of headbands made from silk scarves, adding some of my accessories to your wardrobe can make all the difference. 

While the power of a textured accessory has many benefits, some of my favourites include: 

Smooth textures can accentuate the figure in all the right places

A smooth, silky texture can soften any outfit and remove any irregularities that may be obscuring our figure.

It can achieve this by creating a seamless transition from your skin to your accessory or article of clothing. In doing so, it doesn't have a bulging effect and can instead make your face or body appear longer.

Crisp textures can smooth the skin 

Coarse or heavily textured accessories stand away from the body when worn. This means they act as a separate entity when placed together in an outfit. While this may not seem like what you need initially, this coarse texture is fantastic at luring in attention and is usually one of the first things people will spot about your outfit.

As such, it can help to hide impurities, such as wrinkles, acne or scarring without the need for excessive make-up. I particularly love coarse fabrics as they can help people be more accepting of their natural self.

Bulky textures can balance out the figure 

If you're wearing an outfit that is heavy on your bottom half, such as a frilled skirt or some flared pants, adding a bulky texture to the crown of your head can help balance out your figure, so you feel your best self all night long. 


At Piggi International, I am all about designing headbands, scrunchies and jewellery that can accentuate your features and showcase your love for fashion. I am constantly releasing new products for you to enjoy. Visit my shop to discover more today!




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