Three ways to style your Piggi Scrunchie

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Here at Piggi International, I love a good scrunchie. They're so versatile, easy to wear and can be worn in most hair types without causing any irreversible damage. But more than that, having a scrunchie on hand is fantastic for getting your hair out of your face, especially after a long day. 

Not only this, but with such bright, bubbly colours and elegant designs, scrunchies do a great job at setting the tone and mood for your outfit. So, you must style your hair to match the energy they are creating. 

Some of my favourite ways to tie a scrunchie include: 

The Low Ponytail 

If you want to create an elegant, refined and girlish look to your outfit, you can't go wrong with a low ponytail. This tying style is also super easy and can be achieved in seconds. Just pull your hair back towards your shoulders, loop the scrunchie around, and you're done. 

I find that a low ponytail always works best when you are wearing a backless top or an outfit that isn't too heavy about the neck as it works to define your facial features. If you don't like having all of your hair back, pulling a few strands loose will also draw attention to your eyes.


The Messy Bun 

My love for a messy hairstyle will never be matched. When done right, they can show off your calm, relaxed nature while still representing what a powerful woman you are. As most messy buns also sit on top of your head, they are also ideal if you want to show off your exciting new Piggi find to all of your friends. 

Though messy buns are perfect for all seasons, including the hot summer when you want your hair off your neck, I love the way they can tie an outfit together in the winter. Pairing perfectly with a scarf, thick coat or neck accessory, you can never go wrong when a messy bun is involved. 


The Side Braid 

If you love having your hair up but also love to let it hang low, a side braid or plait can add a quirky, cute and refined touch to an outfit. As your braid will be swept over your shoulder, this hairstyle works to add depth to your outfit and can even work to create the illusion that you are wearing multiple layers. Plus, tying it off with a gorgeous Piggi scrunchie can completely revolutionise even the simplest of outfits. 

I always find that braids provide a great hairstyle for those transitional seasons in the year, when it is too hot to have your hair sticking to your neck, but still cool enough to wear it low. 

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