Piggi International: How I turn previously-loved vintage scarves into designer accessories

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As we all know, even our most beloved pair of jeans, favourite top, or trusty pair of shoes will one day meet their end. Whether the elastic gives in, the zipper breaks or the heel snaps off, there is rarely much we can do to revive these possessions to their original state once they have reached their time. 

In the same way, while high-quality luxury products are known to last longer, they too will eventually see the effects of wear and tear. Across the years, hundreds of rare, vintage scarves have travelled the globe, and in one way or another, many have soon seen the impacts of time. 

But, just because they can no longer be worn as a scarf, doesn't mean their beauty can't continue to dazzle the world. 

Being an avid shopper & collector of all things fashion, as well as having a high regard for responsible fashion, when I discovered designer scarves languishing in thrift stores after only a small blemish appeared, I knew just what I could do with them! And so, Piggi International was born. 

Loving how much history each unique scarf I came across held, and with my knack for up-cycling and bringing beauty back to even the most pre-loved items i get to work on them, upcycling them into an array of accessories! I have been so overwhelmed with the love you have all shared for my headbands, scrunchies, cushions and more. 

But, while you know plenty about the scarves, how much do you know about my processes in transforming them into new, beautiful accessories? 

Just some of the steps I work through to perfect every item on my site include: 

Clean baby clean 

As soon as I acquire a new scarf, I check to see how badly it is damaged and if it needs to go to the dry cleaners.  Sometimes they just need to be aired for a few days to rid them of that old closet smell!

Cut around any over-loved sections 

As much as a small tear, pen mark, or frayed hem can tell a story, to get my accessories looking perfect, I closely analyse every section of the scarf and cut around and damage that can't be salvaged. 

Time to sew 

With my leftover fabric, I determine what accessories can be made, and I always ensure to use as much of the scarf as possible to adhere to my love for responsible fashion. Larger sections can be transformed into pillows and headbands, while smaller ones can create charm bracelets, scrunchies, hair ties and other trinkets. 


Once the sewing is done, I photograph it and from there, you will see it launch on my online shop where you can snatch up these one-of-a-kind pieces!

To learn more about Piggi International and everything I stand for, visit my about us page!

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