Experiencing Maskne? Here are some fantastic ways to protect your skin from long-term mask use

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If you have sensitive skin, you have definitely felt the frustration during the pandemic as mask-wearing has awakened your acne and caused some long-term damage to your lower jaw. While it seemed that the age of mask-wearing was coming to an end only a few months ago, with the rise of cases across the world, it’s back to doing everything in our power to prevent breakouts, especially if we are stuck wearing a mask all day as we work. 

Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution to preventing maskne, some strategies you can implement to nourish your skin include: 

Washing your face regularly

If you know you are in for a long day of mask-wearing, it’s important to wash your face with a soft cleanser at every opportunity you get. I highly recommend doing so in the morning, before you put your mask on, and as soon as you arrive home. But, if you are at work or have access to bathroom facilities, there’s no shame in bringing your cleanser with you and giving your face a refreshing rinse at least twice throughout the day as well. 

Wear light makeup

Where you can’t completely avoid wearing makeup, using a product with a lighter coverage will allow your skin to breathe more freely underneath your mask. While makeup may not directly cause maskne, it can prolong the healing process by clogging your pores. 

Use reusable face masks that you can wash 

Disposable face masks should only be worn for 24 hours, then disposed of. While there is no major problem for your skin with using a new disposable mask each day, this can have a devastating impact on the planet due to a rise in pollution. Purchasing 2-3 fabric masks and washing them regularly can help prevent contaminants from touching your skin while assisting the planet at the same time. 

Choose the right materials 

Most importantly, it’s vital you avoid synthetic fabrics when choosing your face mask. Fabrics synch as nylon can irritate your skin and lead to increased redness, whereas natural cotton is soft on the skin and won’t cause any damage. Having the option to adjust your mask, so it doesn’t sit too tightly on your skin, will also prevent irritation from arising. 

At Piggi International, I have a range of handmade, cotton face masks made from Liberty Tana Lawn Cottons to provide maximum comfort, no matter how long you may need to wear them. Discover them in my shop today! 

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