Let's cut to the chase, is designer fashion actually better? 

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“You’re just paying for the name.” 

If you’re into designer fashion, this is definitely something you’ve heard once or twice while shopping or speaking with price-sensitive friends and family members. For them, seeing high prices for a seemingly basic piece of clothing is incredibly unjustifiable.

When it comes to discussions like these, it’s no secret that they can get heated, especially when both parties believe they are in the right. So, are you really paying for just a name? Or does quality and craftsmanship truly come into play? 

Acceptable Quality Level

While the fabrics used, stitching and designs may look similar at first, designer brands more strictly follow an acceptable quality level to ensure that their clothing and accessories are distributed to the highest standard possible. Where you may find loose seams and dangling threads on cheaper clothing, you are very unlikely to find this on a designer product. 

In the same way, designer scarves use only the highest quality techniques to ensure that their prints are flawless. Brands such as Hermès have a trademarked design and technique that can be found amongst all of their scarves. When I am sourcing these scarves to make my headbands, scrunchies and cushions, I always make certain to quality check them all, so you are guaranteed that you’re getting the real deal. 

Higher quality materials 

While it is not the case for all designer brands, those brands that follow up on their promise for the best quality product on the market will often use much higher quality materials. These are typically harder to locate, source and import, and thus they tend to drive prices up phenomenally. 

While there aren’t many ways to test if a fabric is high quality in the short term, there are many long-term measures, including: 

  • The fabric should maintain its shape no matter what 
  • It shouldn’t fade when washed or hung (as long as you are following the directions provided) 
  • It should last a long time (depending on your usage rate) 

Keeping note of when you purchased a designer piece, how long you’ve worn it and how often it has been washed, then comparing it with others can help you understand where you are getting the best value for money. 

But Remember…

All brands are different. If you try one high-quality brand and notice that the value is not there, it doesn’t mean they are all the same. I have made it a personal value of mine to use only the best-valued and long-lasting scarves I can find when designing my accessories, and with a little research, you can also understand which brands prose the best quality for you. 

So, in answer to the question, a higher price can mean higher quality, but it’s important that you follow a brand that is committed to this quality assurance and hasn’t simply scaled up prices to appear luxurious. 

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