How to Look and Feel Your Best During the Hottest Months of Summer

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As we move into January and the ever-hot February, it can feel difficult to style outfits that allow you to withstand the heat. While you may be tempted to add a dak of bling or a shawl to add some much-needed colour to a pale outfit, these can have you feeling exhausted and worn down after only a few moments in the sun. 

For your next day out in the summer heat, try using some of these awesome styling tips so you can look like a model: 

Stay Away From Anything Tight 

While we all love a good camisole or singlet in the summer, if your clothes are too form-fitting, they can actually create more heat as they don’t let your body breathe properly. Wearing a loose blouse, wide-legged jeans and flowy material is definitely the way to go to keep you as cool as possible. 

Though it may be hard, try to make sure these fabrics are all breathable too! Wearing cotton, linen, or silk are your best bet for staying cool during those hot days. Where possible, stay away from denim as it is incredibly heavy and warm. 

If you aren’t one for a flowy look or you prefer clothes that sinch at your waist, using a hair-tie or scrunchie to pull the ends together is a great way to ensure your outfit fits your style. This will also make sure that your outfit remains breathable and you can continue feeling your best self.

Don’t accessorise too much

As much as we love a good accessory here at Piggi, over-accessorising in the summer can weigh you down and add unnecessary heat to your body. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise at all! 

Rather than choosing thick, chunky necklaces and bracelets, opting for light rings is the perfect way to brighten up your look with some bling. As well, you can also use headbands and scrunchies to add length to your face, where a necklace may have done it for another outfit. As these accessories don’t tend to stick to the skin or are much lighter than traditional jewellery, they are perfect for adding a pop of colour without making you feel overwhelmed. 

If you are looking to expand your range of hair accessories, I have a wide selection of vintage designs available in my shop for you to discover. I’m always updating them too, so make sure you check back every now and then to find one you love. 

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