How to find the perfect accessory for your next outfit!

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The right necklace, set of earrings or bangle can completely change an outfit. It can bring your look from a casual Sunday fit to a gorgeous evening ensemble, and in the same way, the right jewellery can add colour, life and energy to any outfit. 

You could choose a statement piece to accentuate the face and draw attention to your features, or you could choose a subtle touch of colour without detracting from your waistline, or those stunning shoes you got on sale. 

With so many different accessories and colour combinations available, how do you know the one you’re choosing will achieve your desired look? It can be hard to determine right from wrong, especially when you’re torn between two choices, but these few tips NEVER let me down. 

Complement your skin tone

If you’re struggling to choose a colour theme or simply just don’t know where to begin when looking for the perfect accessories, a fantastic place to start is with your skin tone. Cooler skin tones will usually work best with highly visible colours, such as reds, blues and bright greens, whereas warm skin tones typically pair best with colours that match their warmth, such as yellows, oranges and shades of ruby. 

If you aren’t fussed about a colour, you can never go wrong with some simple silver or gold jewellery as it typically works both ways. Just remember that unless you have chosen a big accent piece, it is less likely to stand out like colourful gemstones or costume jewellery would. 

Consider the design of your outfit 

If your outfit is patterned, has ruffles or includes any features that make it stand out, such as unique textures, I recommend that you stick to basic, less flashy jewellery. While everyone loves having their outfit as the centre of attention in a room, pairing too many statements can confuse the outfit, redirect the eye line and create a seemingly unfinished look. 

On the contrary, if your outfit is quite basic and simple, choosing bold, multicoloured and large ensembles of jewellery is a way to add a unique flair to your elegance. 

Don’t forget the neckline 

The most important part that you must consider when choosing your accessories is your neckline as this can completely alter your look if not done correctly. 

Here are some general rules I like to live by for some outfit styles: 

  • A turtle neck should only be paired with a small, thin pendant. Alternatively, you can choose no necklace at all.
  • Off the shoulder looks usually work best with no necklace and big, statement earrings as this can work to accentuate your collarbones. If you do want to wear a necklace, choosing one that sits high on the neck and isn’t too chunky is best. 
  • With a v-neck, it’s important to make sure that your necklace mimics the cut of your shirt and ends above where the shirt ends to elongate the neck. 

I have a wide range of unique, handmade jewellery available at Piggi International that will perfectly complement a number of outfits. They pair beautifully with my headbands and scrunchies too and will help create your desired look in no time. Shop them today. 

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