Decorative Pillows: Why They're A Must-Have In Every Home

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Aside from looking fantastic in any home and showcasing your style to your friends, decorative pillows have a multitude of benefits that extend past dressing up the home. They are one of the most important and vital accessories in the home and can completely transform an environment, set the mood and create a tone for your house. 

But, some of their other benefits include: 

Boost Mental Health 

Believe it or not, decorative pillows can pick us up when we are feeling down. When you look at a room and feel satisfied with your decorative work, it can add a sense of pride and fulfilment to your day. Not only this, but many mental troubles can stem from pain, especially that experienced within the body. By working to align your spine when you sit down, your body can feel less fatigued, making it easier for your mind to find a bright side in dark times. 

Can Improve Physical Health

As mentioned previously, decorative pillows can act as a catalyst for good posture. By positioning a pillow behind your back, you will promote the natural curvature of your spine, which means that you are less likely to slouch or hunch over when sitting. Doing so is fantastic for your hips and spine as it doesn’t force them into a position when they are misaligned, allowing you to reduce the risk of experiencing back, leg, shoulder and neck pain.

Can be taken out of the home 

Decorative pillows don’t need to remain confined to your lounge, bed or outdoor space. If you are heading on a picnic or to the beach, bringing your cushion along will allow you to experience the homely comfort that you love, no matter where you are. Bringing them along will also help to add some class to your event, so if you’re a lover of luxury, they’re just what you need. 

At Piggi International, I use vintage scarves to create unique, one-of-a-kind decorative pillows. I have a great range available on my website and am always releasing more, so remember to keep an eye out! 

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