Scrunchies vs. Hair Ties - The Benefits of a Well-Made Scrunchie

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Popular in the ’80s to help keep mullets, afros and all big hairstyles in place, scrunchies made a big comeback a few years ago and are definitely here to stay. Aside from looking fantastic in the hair, a well-made scrunchie is also much better for your head and scalp. 

If you’re not already a scrunchie wearer, here are a few reasons why you need to consider switching up your look: 

No hair damage

Regular elastics are renowned for tangling in your hair. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the process of trying to remove one from our hair without tearing our delicate strands. As scrunchies are often made from cotton or silk and are much larger, they do not tangle with the hair as easily, making them a fantastic way to avoid breakage. 

Elastics are known to cause headaches 

As they sit so heavily and tightly on your scalp, and they often pull uncomfortably at your hair, hair elastics are known to cause headaches and migraines. Using a wider fibre, scrunchies are able to still hold your hair up perfectly without pulling too tightly. This makes them great for all-day wear as you can wear them for hours on end without worrying about pain. 

Scrunchies hold more hair

Girls with thick hair will know all too well the struggle of needing to have multiple spare hair ties on them in case one suddenly snaps from the weight of their hair. But worse than that is the sadness that comes after a loyal hair tie meets its end. 

Fortunately, scrunchies were made for big hair, meaning they can take a lot of weight and pressure. The elastic inside is well protected by the soft, outer fabric as well, meaning that it will last much longer than a regular elastic. 

At Piggi International, I specialise in making the highest-quality and most-unique scrunchies. Using vintage scarves from a range of different designers, my scrunchies are practical, high-class and a great fashion statement. 

Discover them TODAY in my shop.

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