The hottest fashion trends of Autumn 2022 so far

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We are only three weeks into autumn, but already we have seen some unique and inspiring fashion trends beginning to take over our streets. From urban outerwear to sleek evening looks, this month is already proving to be a great one in the fashion world, and it's only going to go up from here. 

If you're looking to stay on top of these growing trends and ensure you wear the most designer looks on the market, keep reading to discover some of my favourite fads that have emerged so far. 


Dopamine Dressing 

Just as it sounds, Dopamine Dressing is all about improving your mood through the power of colours, patterns and unique styles. It is based on the idea that the clothes we wear can have an exceptionally positive impact on the way we look, but more so, the way we feel. 

Growing in popularity, especially as it gets colder, Dopamine Dressing has taken over the streets already. Wherever you look, it seems that you can already find a bright coat, patterned jumper or quirky shawl in sight. And this is only going to grow as the weather cools down, the days get darker, and the atmosphere feels gloomier. 

If you're not a fan of wearing bright and bold colours all around, you can always start small, with a designer headband or unique piece of costume jewellery.

Christian Dior Red Trotter Upcycled Scarf Headband

Quilted, puffed looks 

It's time to pull out your old bomber jacket because quilted looks are officially back in style. As well as being super warm and perfect for the cooling days, quilted looks are usually dominated by bright, bold colours that can help you stand out from the crowd. They pair perfectly with the concept of Dopamine Dressing as well as the world's growing love of all things colourful. 

As we all know, the Australian winters can waver dramatically. Some days are exceptionally cold, while others are warm and lively. When you can't have a quilted coat on your side, you can always keep a scrunchie on hand to stick with this puffy trend. 

Adding neutral notes 

Though it is all about being bold right now, using neural colours to colour block can make your fashion decisions POP. Tones such as ivory and stone are growing in popularity as they complement all colours. 

Be careful not to wear too many neutral colours though. You don't want them to be the dominant feature of your outfit. Rather, you should only be using them to enhance an already bright look. 

Take my Geometric GG Classic Knot Headband, for example. While it does feature a dark sand colour, this is used to showcase just how bold the red, blue, green and pink tones are. Even though it is prevalent, it doesn't steal the spotlight. 


At Piggi International, I am all about staying on top of the latest fashion trends to deliver you high-class designer accessories. With a wide range available in my shop, you're sure to find something you love. Check it out TODAY by clicking HERE

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